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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Masters in Public policy studies - USA

Conducting Interpretive Policy Analysis (Qualitative Research Methods)Public policy schools teach students policy analysis, policy studies, public policy, political economy, urban planning, public administration, and public management.

Public policy schools offer a wide range of public policy degrees. Master's degrees include the Master of Public Policy (MPP), the Master of Public Administration (MPA), the Master of Public Affairs (MPAff), the Master of Urban Planning (MUP), and the Master of International Affairs (MIA). Doctoral degrees include PhDs in Public Policy, Policy Studies, and Public Administration, as well as the Doctor of Public Administration (DPA).

In the United States, students pursue a public policy degree after having completed an undergraduate degree in some other field. American public policy programs are generally located in an autonomous graduate or professional school within a larger university.

The top programs in the United States

U.S. News & World Report provides rankings of Public Affairs (Master's) schools, as of 2008, via a peer reviewed process. The top 25 schools are: