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Thursday, October 23, 2008

sheer khurma - recipie

This is my first attempt to write about a recipie. So, forgive the non-standard presentation.

1 glass milk
1 glass water
1/2 glass sugar
1/2 glass Fine sevaya (Fine Vermicelli, fine type is necessary for the dish to be tasty :D )

First boil the milk, water and sugar together. Once its completely boiled, fry sevaya in ghee (2 Teaspoons).
( NOTE: Fry in the sense, heat ghee and then put the sevayya into it just for a while. Its not like normal frying of vegetables. Just for the sake of ghee taste coming into sevaya. I hope you got it)

Now, put vermicelli into boiled milk. Again, No NEED to boil/heat milk with sevaya. The already present heat in milk is enough (provided boiled milk is still well above 'warm' level).
If you keep warming/boiling even after sevayya is put into boiled milk, it might start to break and become much softer.

Fry dried fruits you want to add at the end and add it into mil plus sevayya mixture. Thats it!

Also, You can as well heat the milk till it thickens if you want. It depends on the personal taste.

I hope this helps. It worked for me.