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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Download, play Death Magnetic, Metallica

Death Magnetic is on the stores.....Grab, grab it...especially the coffin version of it., meaning you will get the album inside a coffin. That sounds quite a gift for metal-heads.

Will MetallicA can recreate its magic after not so good St.Anger?? I doubt it, though i'm big fan of them. They need to do something new or forget that the magic has been taken away by sandman.

In any case, voice of Hetfield and drums of Ulrich is something un-duplicatable and rarest to find. Cheers to you both!!!

Samples of all songs:

The master, Hetfield and trujillo talk about ow tey went about some of te songs in te album:

Here is the video of "The day that never comes" from Youtube's metallica channel: